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I am writing in support of all four of the California coast’s magnificent National Marine Sanctuaries, including the Channel Islands, Monterey Bay, Cordell Bank, and Greater Farallones Sanctuary sites. Each of these crown jewels of our nation’s natural legacy stands as compelling testimony to the decades of bipartisan support expressed by our federal, state, and local elected officials based upon constructive participation by the millions of citizens who consistently called for their designation. While we understand that your agencies are under a brief mandate to conduct an objective and unbiased “review” of certain portions of our Marine Sanctuary sites, we also firmly believe that you will inevitably find that our state’s clean-coast economy benefits greatly from the protections that these sites provide. The multitude of jobs that rely on expenditures by visitors from around the globe who come to enjoy these protected coastal assets supports the maritime heritage embodied by our artisanal family fisheries and maintains the economic health of our region. The most powerful ocean upwelling system in North America, among the four most important of such features in the world, provides the essential base of the marine food chain that generates the prolific web of life found throughout the Greater Farallones, Cordell Bank, and Monterey Bay sites. To the south, the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary is ideally situated at the confluence of a unique mixing zone where colder northern waters meet the warmer ocean currents from the south, creating a unique constellation of varied marine life amidst lush kelp forests. The periodic methodical inclusion of key ecosystem features within our Marine Sanctuaries has consistently been carried out using sound peer-reviewed science supported by robust public input through open citizen review and public hearings, and these processes have been duly undertaken in compliance with all relevant federal and state laws and regulatory frameworks. We urge that all reviewing agencies carefully consider the important economic benefits these sites provide and the broad public support that led to their designation in reaching the ultimate conclusion that no erosion of any of these permanently protected sites is indicated at this time. Thank you for your kind consideration.

Map of Our National Marine Sanctuaries
Map of our National Marine Sanctuaries


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